This blog is about issues concerning the development of the Nigerian Television production industry. I do not intend to talk about the Nigerian Film Industry here, or Nollywood. I am particularly interested in TV Production, Content and its distribution platforms.  The aim is to bring to the fore the many challenges facing the growth of the industry and to provide solutions and road maps that lead to an industry that produces great qualitative content and which is respected internationally. I also intend to look at distribution platforms and what the future holds for the industry in Nigeria and Africa.

I will also use this blog to showcase my production company IBST Limited, and tell the story of a TV production company operating in the Nigerian environment,the challenges we face from lack of policy, corruption, sharp business practices of the industry, and other business issues, including our successes.

I will deal with how we manage these issues such as innovation, creativity, client management, skills development, training and new business opportunities which can help our businesses and industry to survive in a very challenging environment.

I might not be coming here to often, as this is just a blog to express my feelings, opinions and i hope from time to time to be able to post developments and my response to issues as they arise.

Aderemi Ogunpitan

Aderemi Ogunpitan


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Excellent bro!

  2. Pls I wld like to make a career in this industry,I wld like if I can get. Some basic guild from you. In a nut shell,is it possible for you to be my guide,sort of role model. Pls sir,I don’t mind meeting you in person if you will grant me this honour. Thanks.

  3. Attaining vision 2020 and the quest of
    being one of the top economies, but
    the intimidating poverty line has dealt
    heavy blow on the economy. To
    attaining our dream of revamping the
    economy we must look away from oil
    and diversifying our economy base.
    Nigeria is a multi ethnic country with
    abundant cultural heritage which can
    be utilized and exported to other
    states who want something new to
    satiate their desire for something new.
    The Nigerian film industry (nollywood)
    is rated as the second largest in the
    world thus we have the opportunity of
    developing its product to satisfying
    world class standard thereby
    generating more income for the
    government. The Nigeria Film and
    Video Censor Board (NFVCB) some
    time back confirm that the industry is
    worth between $250m and $300m
    annually which by now is doubled.
    UNESCO on its analysis state that if
    nollywood is properly managed, it can
    create 2million jobs yearly within five,
    thus instead of creating 370,000
    unproductive jobs, they can create
    2million productive one as well as get
    returns in form of revenues from
    exports. Just like Chinese, Indian and
    Hollywood movies, Nollywood movies
    can go round the world. Now is our
    time. All we need is the right training to
    be world class film people

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